Ra'anana Dorms

Ra´anana dormitories are located at the integration center in 13th Hasharon st.
a short distance from Ra´anana´s main street, Ahuza.
The area is quiet, rustic and pastoral and enables students to have a pleasant
and productive studying experience.
There is access to excellent public transportation and shopping centers.  

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Several types of apartments are available in the building:
studio apartments for a single resident or a couple; two room apartments for two residents; and three room apartments for two to three residents.

All of the apartments include: 
  a kitchen with a refrigerator
  electric stove

Basic furniture: 

  bed, closet, desk and chair
  a bathroom with a toilet and a shower
  electric boiler
  an air conditioner
Rent ranges from 1185 NIS to 1500 NIS (not including utilities) NIS (per resident, per month),
depending on the kind of apartment.
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 Dorms offices

Address: 32 Tagor st. Ramat Aviv

Office hours: Sunday-Thursday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Phone number: 077-3307011

Email: info@dorms-tau.co.il
Security officer: Omri Zaken 050-5073273

Guard's station: 03-7628376
:Address for mail deliveries

Hasharon St
Room no. XXX
General Information for Applicants

Additional services given to residents include a private Laundromat; 24 hours security cameras; an inner private yard; free WI-FI connection in the lobby and a dorms supervisor who lives in the building and can help residents with maintenance and payment issues.
The rent is charged on the 1st of every month through a standing order which every resident must arrange before signing the contract. It is not possible to charge the rent on a later date.

When signing the contract the resident must provide a receipt for the deposit payment
(the same amount as the rent) and a promissory note signed by a guarantor
(as well as the standing order form, as stated above).
The deposit is returned to the resident within sixty business days from the last day of the contract, by check.

In order to register, fill in this form.
For more details about residential options and registration,
contact us at: 
077-3307011 or info@dorms-tau.co.il