Milman Dorms

FAQ For Residents

  • When is the rent due each month?
The rent is due on the 1st of each month, and is directly charged through a direct debit form, i.e., on September 1st, the rent for September will be charged. Make sure there is enough money in the account, so that the payment goes through.
  • My rent payment did not go through. What do I do?
If the payment does not go through, you must transfer the rent, plus 30 NIS commission, to the dorms bank account. The dorms office will contact you and provide you with the details.
  • How are the utility bills paid?
The monthly rent includes all of the bills (water, gas, electricity, city hall, internet and cable). However, notice that the use of electricity is limited; the fixed payment for electricity for each resident, per month, is 106 NIS. If the electricity consumption exceeds this amount, the difference must be paid.
  • I received a letter informing me I have exceeded the allowed electricity consumption. What do I do?
Follow the instructions in the letter; the difference is to be paid to the dorms account via bank transfer.
Contract Ending and Cancelling
  • My contract is about to end. What should I do approaching my departure?
After an inspection from the dorm's security officer, follow his instructions; the apartment is to be vacated from any and all personal artifacts, and left clean and organized. Any maintenance problem and/or damagae found in the apartment after your departure might cause a deduction from your deposit. Upon exiting the dorms, leave the apartment key at the guard's post.
  • My contract has ended. When will I get my deposit back?
The deposit is returned as a check within 60 business days from the final day of the contract. The dorms office will contact you as soon as the check arrives at the office. Note that the full amount of the deposit is returned only if you have fulfilled your duties and followed procedures upon leaving the dorms (properly vacating and cleaning the apartment, paying any remaining debts).
  • How and when can I cancel the contract?
Cancelling the contract is conditioned by finding a substitute resident. If you have found one, the deposit is returned within 60 business days from the final day of the contract as usual.
  • I cannot find a substitute resident. Can I still cancel the contract?
No. It is impossible to cancel the contract without finding a replacement. 
Guest Hosting
  • What should I do in order to host a guest in my apartment over night?
In order to house a guest, you have to fill in a hosting form to be approved by the dorms security officer. You can find the form at the guard's post. In addition, hosting will only be approved with the consent of your roommate.
  • Can I host anyone?
No. you may only host guests over 16 years old. The guest will be asked to present an ID on his arrival at the building, and will not be allowed to enter if he is under 16.
  • Is there a limitation to the number of times I can host?
Yes. Hosting is allowed one night during the week (Sunday-Wednesday) and two nights during the weekend (Thursday-Saturday). Overall, it is not possible to host more than eight nights a month. 
  • I need to exceed my hosting limitation / host for a longer period of time. What should I do?
On certain circumstances, exceptions can be made. Send an email with a detailed request to the dorms office. Your request will then be transferred to the dorms manager for approval. Note that if your request is approved, you might have to pay a fee per night of hosting.
  • Until what time can I have a visitor in my apartment without an approved hosting form?
Visitors may stay in the dorms no later than 24:00 on Sunday-Thursday and Saturday, and no later than 02:00 on Friday.

  • I have a maintenance problem in my apartment. What should I do?
With any maintenance issues, fill in the complaint form at the guard's post, and the building's maintenance supervisor will attend to it as soon as possible.
  • My TV/cable/internet is not working. What should I do?
With any technical problem of this sort, follow the instructions in this link.
If additional help is required, contact the dorms office. 
  • I lost my key. How can I get a new one?
If you lost your key, fill in the maintenance form at the guard's post and the building's maintenance supervisor will duplicate your key for you. Note that you will be charged the cost of the duplication.

Fines and Regulations
  • In what cases might I receive a fine from the dorms security officer?
The dorms security officer may decide to fine any resident for violating dorms regulations or code of conduct. For example, not keeping quiet after 23:00, not keeping the public areas clean, causing damage to dorms property, hosting without authorization etc.
  • I was fined. How do I pay?
The fine can be paid by a bank transfer to the account detailed in the letter you received. A second option is to ask the office to add the fine to the rent charge of the next month.
Note that not paying the fine on time will enlarge the fine. 
 Dorms offices

Address: 32 Tagor st. Ramat Aviv

Office Hours: Sunday-Thursday 9 AM – 5 PM

Phone Number: 077-330-7011/4/5

Fax Number: 03-6425262


Guard's Post: 077-330-7012

Maintenance Supervisor: Sorin Colero
.Can be reached through the guard

Security officer: Zvi Mehlman
Can be reached through the guard

Students Association's Representative
in the dorms: Noa Leibovich
:Address for mail deliveries
Milman Dorms
32 Tagor St
Room XXX
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, zip code 6920334
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